We Happy Few reaches Kickstarter goal

We Happy Few has reached it's Kickstarter goal and announced some stretch tiers.

We Happy Few has reached it's Kickstarter goal and announced some stretch tiers.
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We Happy Few, the dystopian drug fueled roguelike in development by Compulsion Games has reached its Kickstarter goal of $250,000 USD today.

You play as a ‘downer’ (no, not a blue and green water monster from The Witcher 3, that’s a drowner), someone who is off their meds and has to escape the facade that is Wellington Wells.

Dodging and weaving your way through buildings and alleyways, everyone else in the eerie, post war English town is on a drug called Joy and they don’t take kindly to non Joy users.

Nearly 6000 backers have pledged to support We Happy Few and with 4 days left, there’s a good chance they might hit one or two of their stretch goals.

$265,000 means the game will feature even more drugs derived from Joy while $280,000 will include a sandbox game mode.

“We will create a new game mode: an indefinite mode, set in a world that you can customize as you wish (larger, smaller, more dangerous, less food, more Wellies, etc).”

If there’s a sudden surge of nearly $100,000 more, a third game mode called Wellie Mode will be included.

“Role reversal! Play as a Welly, and hunt for Downers. But, remember to take your Joy, because you’ll go mad without it. You’ll experience the game from the point of view of a Joyed-up Wellie (or Wellette), and will watch the downfall of the city from the other side..”

You can back the game and receive a copy for just $30 over on their Kickstarter page here: We Happy Few – Welcome to Wellington Wells, you Saucy Minx

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