Welcome to Steam, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is now available on Steam, with a sale of 10% off until October 29th.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is now available on Steam, with a sale of 10% off until October 29th.

Today, Steam welcomes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes to their growing family of video games. If you’re familiar with other LEGO games such as LEGO Harry Potter, you’ll know these games are chock full of fun and great to play with younger children. The LEGO games are full of hilarious moments and great stories for all ages.

Welcome aboard, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!

Steam is welcoming the game with a 10% off sale until October 29th. Normally priced at $29.99, this game will be worth every penny. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will have a great story filled with funny Lego moments. Enjoy customizing your character as you must save the world from Loki and other evil villains who are seeking power again.

Over 100 Characters

With over 100 characters to choose from, you’ll have much to explore with each character. Each character will have their own abilities that are very unique. For example, Spider Man will be able to sense objects invisible to others, while Hulk can smash things.

Familiar places

Within the game you might recognize some of your favorite Marvel locations such as Stark Tower, Aesteroid M, X-Mansion, and the Hydra base. Chase down those devilish Cosmic Bricks as you wander the Marvel universe keeping the streets safe from Loki, and rescue Stan Lee when needed.

I know I’ll be purchasing this game around the holidays, and I can’t wait to see what amazing LEGO humor they’ve thrown into this one. I can tell you, LEGO Harry Potter was fantastic, so I have high hopes for this one.

Will you be crowding the streets as Hulk, or flying high as Iron Man? With great power, comes great responsibility.

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