What I Learned At Summer LCS

TSM Snapdragon makes one wrong move and pays the price during LCS.

TSM Snapdragon makes one wrong move and pays the price during LCS.

If you were watching the LCS yesterday, you probably witnessed the peculiar team composition put together by Team SoloMid. While the game ended with TSM getting stomped, Andy “Reginald” Dinh was confident that their bruiser/caster comp is an effective strategy. The problem being that in order for it to work, the team would need to take an early lead.

Reginald was very humble and admitted that the failure was due to a “bad call” on his part.

In an interview after the match, Reginald mentioned that previously in the game, he’d purchased the wrong item (getting a chalice instead of tears.) Rather than cause a huge fuss about it, the team captain chose to stay calm and say nothing about it in order to keep his mates focused on the match. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to keep his composure when he was caught out of position and called his team over to him resulting in them being 0-4 early in the game. From there, the game never really picked up in their favor resulting in Team Vulcan being able to snowball from there.

So, what have we learned?

 While it is unfortunate that TSM lost this match, it is refreshing to see a pro that can admit when they make a bad call. Something that seems to stunt many low ranked summoners is not being able to own up to their mistakes. Aside from that, this match was an excellent example of why so much of the community conforms to the meta. Unconventional team comps can be fun, but they don’t always work out and can be very risky. Last but not least is don’t get caught out of position and if you do, just die rather than drag your team into it.


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