If you're in need of alternative memory solutions for your PS4, check this out!

What is a Nyko Data Bank and should you get it for your PS4?

If you're in need of alternative memory solutions for your PS4, check this out!
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If you’re a PS4 gamer in need of more hard drive memory, this might be a great investment for your console.

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The Nyko Data Bank is essentially an adapter that allows you to replace your standard PS4 2.5” console hard drive with a 3.5” hard drive. Why in the world would someone change the size of there hard drive?

According to nyko.com, 2.5” tend to be more expensive at the same amount of memory capacity than would a 3.5” sized hard drive for the same memory capacity.

This claim can be found to be generally true on Amazon. The data bank is able to support to support 2TB to 6TB of memory replacement.

However, YouTube comments brought valid controversy, as they questioned its side-effects on the PS4 console. One commenter rithveek Sharma said “What about the heating. 6TB of hard drive which runs at 7200 rpm will create a lot of heat. Is there any heat solution inside this product?”

This potential technical issue can pose a threat to the functionality of the PS4 console. It has been reported that some games running at 60FPS can also cause the console to overheat itself. Would a 6TB hard drive and a game running on 60FPS be a recipe for disaster?

Nyko has been slothy in answering these questions as to whether the Nyko Data Bank have any serious side-effects on your console. 

The Nyko Data Bank’s appeal, on the other hand, seems to be a hit and miss. Although it does match the PS4 sleek design, many have complained about its “bulky” add on appearance. The unit will cost $39.99 retail price online and is set to release on June 9th 2015.

Give me your thoughts and opinions if the investment is worth it or not in the comments below!

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