What Went Where in Tuesday’s THQ Auction?

THQ finally finished auctioning off their intellectual properties, and the results are here.
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THQ has been hurting for money for a while now, and on the 22nd had to resort to being auctioned off in bits and pieces. The results of the major properties being bought by various publishers is in, so let’s take a look at the results.

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The auction results

As previously reported, Relic was purchased by Sega. This included the Company of Heroes license. Sega managed to win the bid at $26.6 million, beating Zenimax’s own bid by $300K.

Next up, Ubisoft came in to purchase the up and coming South Park: The Stick of Truth license  for $3.26 million. The games release date is still set for March 5th, and no word of delays has been leaked yet. Ubisoft also came in to purchase the THQ Montreal Studio, as well as two little known IPs, 1666 and Underdog, paying $2.5 million, giving Ubisoft quite a slew of things to work with.

Koch Media, better known as Deep Silver, purchased Volition Studio, with it coming the popular Saints Row Franchise for a whopping $22.3 million! Also in the bag for Deep Silver is the Metro 2033 license, including the follow up title, Metro 2034, or Metro: Last Light.

Last up on the list are Crytek, and Take-Two Interactive. Crytek purchased the license to the Homefront license for a mere $544K, having no other bidders competing with them. Take-Two on the other hand, managed to beat out Turtle Rock Studios for ownership of an unheard of property called Evolve, also known as Metamorphosis. Take Two shelled out almost $11 million dollars for this unheard of property.


The license for THQ’s WWE series was not claimed during the auction, but rumor says Take Two may be taking over development of the property. It’s sad to see a company like this go, but it could be a possibility for other publishers/developers in the future.

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