What’s Happening When Destiny Weapon Tuning 2.0 Drops

Changes to Destiny's Weapons in Crucible in Patch 2.0.

Changes to Destiny's Weapons in Crucible in Patch 2.0.

With Taken King quickly approaching, Bungie will be sending out a patch. The new patch dubbed “Patch 2.0”, will be changing almost every single gun for the crucible. I’ll be going over all of the changes here, so you will be able to see how the weapons will be effected.

Current Usage

As most crucible players know by now, Thorn and Last Word are the primary choice overall. This has been a problem for a while now. Currently the range for handcannons is really far. Which is why you see it being used so often. Below I have an image from Bungie that shows what current primary weapons are being used the most.

As you can see Thorn is by far the most used weapon in the game. This presents a huge problem for Bungie. If everybody is using the same weapon then it kind of defeats the purpose of the grinding for loot in the game to get a weapon that could compete with Thorn.

The Changes 

Auto Rifles

The base damage of the weapon will be increased. There will be falloff damage for the weapon. Which if you don’t know what that means. Basically if you are further away from the enemy you do less damage. Also the base stability will be reduced. The new update is meant to make auto rifles effective at close and medium range.

Pulse Rifles

The base damage of medium rate of fire Pulse rifles will be reduced by 2.5%. Medium rate of fire pulse rifles for example are Red Death, The Messenger, and Bad Juju. Even with this reduction you can still kill someone with 2-3 precision shots. There will also be a reduction to the base stability. Again you should still be able to get all of the shots if you are close enough. The magazine size will be increased. Pulse Rifles like the Auto Rifles will be most effective at close to medium range.

Scout Rifles

Base damage for scout rifles will be increased. The magazine will be increased. Final Accuracy will be reduced when firing from the hip. So shooting fast will be extremely inaccurate. For A.I enemies the base damage will be boosted by 5%. Scout rifles will be most effective at long ranges.

Hand Cannons

Damage falloff will be closer to the player. If you are shooting from a longer range it will be less effective. A small reduction to aiming down sights accuracy so shooting from long range will be more difficult. Firing from the hip will be less reliable. The magazine will be reduced. Aiming down sights will favor depth instead of width. So you will be able to shoot more of the person when closer than further away. Hand cannons now will still be effective at close and medium range but will be least effective at longer ranges.


Shotgun perks that make them more lethal at range will be reduced. Shot package accuracy buff will be reduced by 30%. Rangefinder will be reduced from 20% to 5% when aimed down sights. Precision damage multiplier will be reduced by 10%. Damage on A.I enemies will be reduced by 10%. Shotguns will still be effective at close range but you won’t be killed from further distance, they’ll have to be really really close.

Fusion Rifles

Fusion rifles with high impact and slow charge will have the range reduced. Projectile speed will be slightly reduced. Accuracy will be improved for short range rifles, while being reduced for long range rifles.

Sniper Rifles

Final round on just snipers will not effect the base damage but will now effect the precision damage. So no more one shot body shots from snipers.

Rocket Launchers

There will be a small increase to the base blast radius. Grenade and Horseshoe detonation will be reduced.

If you would like to see a full detailed list of exotic weapons being effected you can check out the link here. I’d like to see what you think of these changes, leave a comment below and make sure to check back for more Destiny content here at GameSkinny.

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