When Does Minecraft: Dungeons and Dragons DLC Release? Answered

Minecraft has teamed up with Dungeons and Dragons to bring the iconic TTRPG to the block world.

Minecraft has teamed up with Dungeons and Dragons to bring the iconic TTRPG to the block world.

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons will be a thing. Wizards of the Coast announced the news during a recent D&D Direct presentation, which they kicked off by revealing a new collaboration with Minecraft. The Dungeons & Dragons DLC will take you to the Forgotten Realms, where you can play as one of the iconic TTRPG classes and face classic enemies, including a dragon. But when does the Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC release?

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Release Date

From the official announcement show to the respective official Twitter accounts, all we know right now (March 28, 2023) is that Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons will be coming soon, with a release date set for this spring.

No firm release date has been revealed yet, but with the hype around the announcement, it’s sure more information will be released soon. 

Minecraft Dungeons and Dragons DLC Locations, Classes, and Enemy Mobs

Here’s what we currently know about the DLC. You’ll need Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to play in the Forgotten Realms.

There will be five locations to explore, two of which we know about: 

  • Candlekeep
  • Icewind Dale

You’ll get to play as various classes armed with weapons from Dungeons and Dragons. The reveal trailer also showcases the creatures you’ll battle against from the Forgotten Realms, like Displacer Beasts, Dragons, Mimics, and Gelatinous Cubes. 

Along with the DLC announcement, a new Monstrous Compendium has been released. Another collaboration between Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons, the Monstrous Compendium Volume 3 gives stat blocks to Minecraft mobs so you can include them in your home tabletop sessions. The compendium is available for free on minecraft.net and dndbeyond.com.

Featured image via Dungeons & Dragons YouTube.

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