Which Deals to Expect on Black Friday

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Discover which stores are offering great discounts on your favorite gaming items!

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Discover which stores are offering great discounts on your favorite gaming items!

Besides the all-around commotion of hectic shoppers waiting for the doors of their favorite store to open during the Holidays, or that frightening feeling you might get as you turn every aisle or corner hoping you won’t be trampled over by the almost apocalyptic-looking crowd of crazy shoppers, Black Friday has some pretty neat deals to offer this year. 

Below are a list of five different stores with awesome deals you should expect to see on Black Friday!

Games, Consoles and Deals—Oh My!

Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us will open at 5 P.M Thanksgiving Day and will stay open all night. Although they offer a similar deal as other stores for the PS3 ($250) and the Nintendo 3DS bundle ($150), some of their bundles come with bonuses!

For instance, for $200 you can purchase the Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle, which comes with two games, plus Halo 3 for free! In addition, for $260, you can purchase the Wii U bundle, which will come with some of the most popular Skylanders Swap Force figurines, a 25$ gift card and three free games!

If that isn’t enough, Toys “R” Us is offering a buy-one-get-one 40 percent off deal and a large choice of games with a buy-one-get-one for $1 deal!

Moreover, If you’re looking for some classic games and controllers, head out to your local Toys “R” Us for a great Black Friday deal on these!

Best Buy

Black Friday deals at Best Buy will begin at 6 P.M. on Thanksgiving and stay open all night.  Customers who arrive early—2 hours before opening—will receive a golden discount ticket for certain items.  

Best Buy is offering an Xbox 360 bundle for $190, which will include a 250GB hard drive, a chat headset, and four games. 

In addition, Best Buy is offering deals on games for as low as $12, which includes titles like Batman: Arkham Asylum!


Walmart’s Black Friday deals will begin on Thanksgiving day at 6 P.M. Walmart is offering more than 100 games for as under as $25 and $10. In addition, for $100 you can walk away with a 4GB Xbox 360 or for $99, you can walk away with a Nintendo 2DS. 


Target will be opening its doors to their Black Friday deals at 8 P.M on Thanksgiving Day. Just as Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys “R” Us are offering the same PS3 bundle discount, you should expect the same deal at Target.  However, for the Xbox 360 bundle, Target is offering the package to include two games and one-month free Xbox Live Gold all for $190. 

In addition, you should expect to see a Nintendo 3DS XL bundle for $149.99 and games for as low as $10!


Unlike the other stores I have mentioned, GameStop will be opening its store at Midnight on Black Friday morning. If you want to purchase a PS3 in a color other than black, GameStop will be one of the only stores offering one!

For instance, you can buy a special-edition Azurite PS3 for $250! Moreover, GameStop will offer two different versions of the Wii U bundle, and discounts on pre-owned items. If their deals aren’t enough, on Black Friday, you can become part of their one-year PlayStation Plus Subscription for $30, saving you $20! With this subscription, subscribers can gain access to discounts on movie rentals and games!

Holiday Cheer?

Although my sister takes advantage of Black Friday deals, I’m not much of a Black Friday shopper. I can’t handle the crowds and the sense of panic I’ve described at the beginning of this article. Are you a Black Friday shopper? What have your Black Friday experiences been like?

Also, which deals are you looking forward to on Black Friday and are there any other stores offering great deals on games you would like to share with us? Share your thoughts with us below!

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