White Fatalis! Finally get your White Fatalis here! Free DLC from Capcom delivers again

White Fatalis finally lands in the West for Monster Hunter Ultimate

White Fatalis! Finally get your White Fatalis here! Free DLC from Capcom delivers again

After a devastatingly long wait for devout Western followers of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the White Fatalis has finally arrived! Every month, Capcom releases free DLC with bonus quests that let players fight rare monsters or craft rare or unique weapons. Included in the August DLC, released last Friday, is a quest to hunt a White Fatalis.

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This rare elder dragon has been available in Japan for months, but as of last week he was unavailable to Western players.

OK, But Why the Big Deal?

This dragon is a seriously bad dude. He’s the bigger, meaner, and wiser version of the Crimson Fatalis, one of the single player campaign’s end bosses. But the challenge he presents is worth the effort. His armor looks awesome.

Aside from looking fantastic (which is approximately 68% of Monster Hunter), the skills the armor yields are incredible as well. Without any kinds of modification or charms, the armor gives:

  • A brutal +28 in Expert (just 2 skill points shy of a +30% critical chance)
  • +10 in Constitution (slows stamina consumption on certain moves)
  • +10 in the ever-desirable Edgemaster (raises weapon sharpness and greatly increases Attack)

As a bonus, the White Fatty armor gives a +7 in Unscathed, which is only 3 skill points away from granting Peak Performance (raises Attack when player’s health is full). It does give a -15 in Fate, which sometimes increases damage taken, but you should be able to gem this out with the right talisman.

Want! How to get?

If you want this armor, just complete the newest Episodic Quest. Make sure you have some hunting buddies because White Fatty is no joke.

Happy hunting folks!

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