Why Super Mario 3D World Will Save The Wii U

Enjoy 4-Player Mario for the first time ever in 3D on Wii U.

Enjoy 4-Player Mario for the first time ever in 3D on Wii U.

Today, Nintendo released a new Super Mario 3D World trailer. It serves as an introduction to the game and showcases new power ups and levels. The gameplay looks phenomenal, and this has potential to be the best 3D Mario since Super Mario Sunshine.

Power Ups

Super Mario 3D World has Mario and friends chasing Bowser around with power ups, old and new. You have your old favorites like the fire flower and tanooki suit making returning appearances.

From some of the more modern Mario games, you get the boomerang flower, mega mushroom, and the invincibility leaf. These items first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros, and Super Mario Galaxy.

It’s great to always see Nintendo paying homage to some of the older Super Mario fans.

These power ups all seem to be used in unique ways and definitely will complement exceptional level design.The new power ups that will make their first appearance in Super Mario 3D World include the super bell and double cherry.

The super bell causes Mario and friends to be transformed into feline versions of themselves. The cat suit allows them to climb walls, do special moves, run faster, and reach the top of a flagpole at the end of a level.

The double cherry makes a clone of your character every time you touch it. You can have one Mario become two, and maybe even eight Marios on one screen–that you control all at the same time.

4-Player 3D Madness

This is the first 3D Super Mario game that allows you to play 4 Player co-op with your friends and family.

The four characters you can choose from include Toad, Peach, Luigi, and Mario. Mario is the most balanced character. Princess Peach can hover in the air for a few seconds. Luigi jumps the highest out of every character. Toad is the fastest character, making him the perfect choice for speed runs.

All these characters first had these abilities in the American release of Super Mario Bros 2.

Shoot through warp pipes, collect coins, and just have a blast together in this grand 3D Mario experience. 

Super Mario 3D World looks to be the first big title released on Wii U since Pikmin 3. No matter who you are, you can’t help but crack a smile watching this game. It looks like a must-buy for everyone, and should dominate the holiday season.

Super Mario 3D World drops in stores on November 22nd. 

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