WiiU Hacked!

A group of people claim to have had hacked the WiiU, and will be able to support modding of the WiiU console soon.

Call the police! The National Guard! Someone!

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Well, it happened. Possibly. A site known as WiiKey claims to have officially and completely hacked the WiiU console. What does this mean? Well, if you are unfamiliar with the concept, hacking the console allows for all sorts of “fun” stuff. The addition of support for homebrew titles, interface with other devices, and most importantly, piracy.

The Wii was known to be hacked and cracked very quickly after its launch, and the WiiU appears to be no different. This could spell bad news for a console that already isn’t performing up to its expectations, as a cracked and hacked console tends to mean less along the lines of game sales. I’ve known a few people who hacked their Wii so they could download Wii titles onto SD cards, and load them up on their Wii for free games.

I’m not sure how Nintendo will respond to this. For some reason, Nintendo consoles have always been the soonest, and apparently easiest, consoles to be cracked in such a way. Current console emulation on PC can even run Wii titles now, which goes to show how seemingly underpowered Nintendo consoles have been lately. Now, we can only wait to see how Nintendo reacts to the situation.

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