Here are the details for the latest Wild Hearts April content update.

Wild Hearts April 6 Content Update Today: Patch Notes Rundown

Here are the details for the latest Wild Hearts April content update.

Another month, another new content update for Wild HeartsThe most recent content update released on April 6 includes has plenty of notes, such as new Karakuri, new Kemono, and the new Limit Break system. This is what’s included in the first April content update for Wild Hearts.

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One of the biggest pieces of content is the addition of the new Kemono, Murakumo. A fox species, this Kemono has swirling Sakura Blossoms around it. It can control the blossoms, hop from blossom platforms in the air, and when enraged, it unleashes a thunderous tornado.

To combat the Murakumo, there’s a new Karakuri. The Spinning Top Karakuri unleashes a relentless assault on Kemono. As it hits a Kemono or objects, it builds up speed and power and can stagger a Kemono once it gets strong enough. Against opponents with few counterattack opportunities, this Karakuri will be key.

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The Limit Break System is now in play with this April update. Featuring a way to “break” weapons and armor, the system furthers upgrades. Using Core Orbs, you can now upgrade your gear beyond the normal limits. Gear types have their own number of enhancements they can undergo, as well as what the enhancements do. Core Orbs have various types and are obtained by successfully hunting Volatile Kemono.

Along with the new content items, there were a variety of adjustments and fixes in the latest patch. More Keystones are now awarded when defeating Volatile Kemono, there is a “Dye” tutorial, and changes made to the requirements for the Celestial Shield Karakuri. Check out the full patch notes for all the details. For assistance in your hunts, check out our Wild Hearts guides page.

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