New Wild Hearts trailer showcasing the Village of Minato and NPCs released by EA Originals and KOEI TECMO.

Wild Hearts Details Village of Minato in New Trailer

New Wild Hearts trailer showcasing the Village of Minato and NPCs released by EA Originals and KOEI TECMO.

EA Originals and KOEI TECMO have released a new trailer for Wild Hearts highlighting some of the main NPCs of the game as well as the players home base, the Village of Minato in Azuma. 

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The trailer takes viewers through the village of Minato while stating how the threat of Kemono will destroy the land, again, unless someone stops it. . 


Prospective players are also shown a variety of Kemono, from the mighty to the small, being fought by a trio of hunters. The beasts of Wild Hearts have fused with nature and mutated, becoming wrathful Kemono. A mutated rat, boar and giant stone bear type Kemono are featured in the video, with loads more waiting to be discovered by players.

Karakuri devices, constructed from luminescent Celestial Threads, aid the hunters in their battles. Upon defeat, the Kemono drop their Celestial Threads, which can be collected, are used to bolster hunter abilities. Catapults, defensive walls, and a hang glider show what the Karakuri can weave with the Celestial Threads. 

Touted as the rival to Monster Hunter, Wild Hearts is set in feudal Japan and can be played solo or with up to two friends. The game is available now for pre-order, the game full releases on Friday, February 17 for PC via the EA App, Steam and Epic Game Store, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Though it’s possible for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to try the game out on Microsoft platforms for 10 hours starting today. Check out our other coverage of Wild Hearts, such as guides, here. 

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