WildStar In Production

A new MMO in the works, featuring space travelers trying to settle their home on a new, mysterious planet.

A new MMO in the works, featuring space travelers trying to settle their home on a new, mysterious planet.
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NC Soft and Carbine Studios have started leaking information about a new MMO in progress, known as WildStar. Taking place out in space, the story is about exiles from various planets finding a strange unknown planet, known as Nexus. They must do their best to settle it while fending off the Dominion, who appear to be a collection of races known for stripping a planet of their natural resources and causing general havoc where ever they go.

So what’s it like?

Well, so far, I’m liking what I’m seeing. Looks to be four races for the side of “The Exiles,” the races being human, some cat-tailed, bunny eared race, rockmen, and I think some kind of zombie/undead race. Classes haven’t been spoken about much, but paths have.

Paths seem to fit the play style of what you like to do in an MMO, which is a nice new little feature. Four have been spoken of, but only one has any detail yet. Soldier, Scientist, and Settler, are shrouded in mystery, but the fourth, Explorer, has had some info put out. The Explorer path is big on traveling to the four corners of the map and beyond. Climbing mountains, finding secret caves and tunnels, admiring gorgeous vistas, its all about seeing what the world has to offer.

Combat is definitely interesting. Taking pages from a lot of different games, WildStar’s biggest combat feature is telegraphing. As in, enemies who will telegraph, or warn you, of attacks. It may seem kind of easy at first, but some of the videos I’ve seen have made the point of showing all different kinds, shapes, and sizes of attacks. And as your level increases, the damage, speed, and size of these attacks will as well.

Worth a look?

Want my opinion? Of course you do, why else would you be here. Darn tootin, it’s worth it to at least check out the beta. Between the interesting game play, unique and colorful art style, and the promise of a huge world, I’ll be hopping on this as soon as I get my invite, with more to report. If you want to go on a fantastic adventure on an alien adventure with friends, this is one game to keep an eye on.

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