WildStar Medic Class Announced

The Medic is Wildstar's final healing class, but they're a lot more than buffs and heals.
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If you’re looking for a challenge at the heart of a well equipped team, seriously consider the Medic. Just announced today by WildStar, the Medic class is considered their third and final healer, though the class is hybrid and can lean toward damage or healing depending on player goals. 

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Chris, Hugh, Marc and Steven of the WildStar combat, class, and systems teams sat down to share the details on their final healer class.

Medic: Hybrid Healer Meets Tech Wiz

Medic class is available to the following races:

Exile: Humans, Mordesh, Granock

Dominion: Humans, Mechari


Unlike the other healing classes in WildStar, the Medic can cast on the go.

The Medic is a Medium Armor class that operates at the middle range of a battlefield. Not relegated to the back with other healers, this class has shorter range heals complimented by more mobility. Unlike the other healing classes in WildStar, the Medic can cast on the go. Plus, unlike the WildStar Engineer (who is also a mobile caster), their speed is unaffected by casting. 

In addition to being a more robust armor class than the other WildStar healers, the Medic class will also boast some snazzy looks.

“The medic is going to stand out on the battlefield from everything else.” 


If Daft Punk left French Electronica to go into healing, the Medic would be the result. Tron-esq styling, lasers, plasma and techno sound effects will be the sensory earmarks of the Medic class.

Damage and Healing

Powercores – Powercores are the medic’s primary attack resource.
Focus – Focus is the medic’s secondary resource reserved for healing.

Medic’s skills focus mostly on creating fields or stations, things you put into the battle that do persistent damage or buffs. A strategic role that is challenging to play, but powerful when executed well. While persistent effects are the focus, Medics do have Probes abilities, skills that can cause burst damage, and burst healing.

Skill Previews:

Energize – Innate ability – Builds powercores to full and offers a buff to both DPS and heals. 

Annihilation – infinite ability – DPS ability that creates waves of energy that hit enemies from where you were standing, even if you keep moving. 

Gamma Rays – 3 projectiles that do damage.

Expect some Changes to your AOE Fields

Instead of standard circle AOE, they are diamonds formed from your orientation, giving you a longer range than usual at the tip of the AOE area.

You can see allied telegraphs and fields, and some AOE casts will not become active until an injured ally enters. Green markers on the ground denote an ally heal, but you can change color and opacity or turn them off using your settings.

Unique Advantages, Unique Challenges

Medics can play DPS or Healer – sometimes both at the same time. You’re not able to stay all the way back, but you aren’t in the front lines. As the only WildStar healer class with access to Medium armor, playing the medic keeps you closer to the battle and on your toes. You’re going to have to be more aware of your heal range and fellow player movements. Communication is key.

Because of the higher skillcap and because you have to work closer with your allies, teams with Medic players are rewarded with ongoing, persistent heals versus having to manage burst healings and UI mini-games. Medic class features only two targeted heals and they have cooldown periods. In contrast, Esper and Spellslinger have more burst healing to combat damage spikes.

If you’re looking to add significant strategy to your playstyle, the Medic might be just what you are looking for in WildStar.

What do you think of the Medic?

If you got your hands on WildStar tomorrow, would Medic be your first roll?

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