WildStar Open Beta Begins May 8th-18th

Play WildStar Open Beta from May 8th to the 18th.

Gamers will be able to jump into WildStar Open Beta, starting May 8th till May 18th! The level cap has be raised up to 30 and you will be able to explore more of the game than ever before.

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So come May 8th you will be able to go to their Open Beta page to request a key. You are good to go if you have already played in any other WildStar Beta Event, you won’t need a new key. All you will need to do is patch the game client and enjoy the game.

There are five wild things you will be able to do on your journey to level 30.  These include:

  • Farside – Head to Farside moon to kick some alien butt while floating around.
  • Galeras Adventure – You and four of your friends join up to play a Tower Defense style game. Try to stop the invading force from taking the fort, can you hold out till reinforcements arrive?
  • Two New Abilities – Once you hit level 30 two new abilities are unlocked.
  • New Ability Slot – Get a new ability slot after hitting level 30.
  • Tier Points – You will be able to power up your abilities become big and stronger than ever.

Read more on the official post!

WildStar will also be hosting a 30 minute streaming event on their TwitchTV to kick off Open Beta starting May 8th at 11am PST (2pm EST).

WildStar Online will officially launch June 3rd, 2014 and is taking pre-orders as we speak!

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