WildStar’s new Arcterra zone launches today

Wildstar is releasing the new zone Arcterra March 30.

Today, NCSOFT is releasing a brand new zone called Arcterra, which is a previously unexplored area of the Nexus in WildStar. In an ongoing effort to find the Vault of the Archon, the Caretaker has uncovered this new area that will have players climbing cliffs, searching below the frozen tundra and its caves, and exploring frozen ruins filled with new mysterious foes and untold treasures.

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In a note on WindStar’s website, they stated:

“The base of operations for both Dominion and Exiles while in Arcterra is the Osun-built edifice dubbed Shiverskull Tower. Faction leaders, scientists, and adventurers gather here to discover the previously undiscovered and help to further the Caretaker’s quest to find the Vault of the Archon.”

The new zone sports new and truly nasty creatures that will require players to group and to take them down. A series of catacombs carved from the blackest ice in Arcterra called the Bor Milug, is guarded by the Covenguard. You need to defeat these guards in order to gather parts to the Blade Key, an artifact that allows players to secure the dark passages.

There are, along with this new zone, a lot of new mounts, pets, housing décor and other rewards. By completing quests and defeating bosses, you can earn a new snow bike, ice-themed Trasks, and war pigs.

Madame Fay also has a horde of new baubles, toys and shinies for your visits to her. Head to the forward expedition teams and work with them to gain access to Arcterra.

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