Will Ferrell Might Not Be Playing Video Games

Will Ferrell's fundraising event for charity does not look too good...

Will Ferrell's fundraising event for charity does not look too good...

Earlier in September, Will Ferrell teamed up with charities to launch an Indie-Go-Go campaign to raise money to support children and families suffering from cancer. 

The campaign is for a good cause, where one lucky supporter who donates $10 or more will be randomly selected to come out to San Francisco, and play video games with Will Ferrell for two hours at the Twitch offices. Of course, the entire event would also be broadcasted on Twitch.

Despite the good-natured cause behind this campaign, as well as Ferrell’s celebrity, the Indie-Go-Go campaign, at the time of this writing, has managed to only secure $117,823 of a goal of $375,000, with about 31 hours left to go.

The good news is that the campaign is classified as “Flexible Funding”, meaning that charities will receive all money raised regardless of whether the goal is met, however, it is not clear if the event will happen regardless if the money isn’t raised in its entirety.

With 31 hours left to go, and donations only trickling in over the past week (the last 10 donations were spread across 7 days) it doesn’t seem very likely that the goal will be reached. 

It might be worth a shot to donate some money in the case that the event goes on regardless of the amount raised, as your chances may be higher though… maybe just wishful thinking on my part though.

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