Will Ferrell Playing Video Games for Charity

Will Ferrell will play video games with one lucky person who donates to his IndieGoGo campaign.
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Will Ferrell is getting ready to play video games in the name of charity. The Funny or Die co-founder and comedian has launched an Indiegogo campaign with the charity Cancer for College, in conjunction with the Donate Games charity. 

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Charitable Cause

Donate Games was founded by Taylor and Jim Carol. When Taylor was 11, he was lucky to have survived cancer and remain cancer free. While he was in the hospital, his father, Jim discovered that video games could help families do something together for a child inpatient: “We can say first-hand, not only were they incredible for a kid that’s isolated, the consoles are incredible for families.” Since then, the two have founded Donate Games, which aims at giving out games and gear to families with a child fighting cancer. 

Cancer for College is a charity founded by Craig Pollard, who survived cancer not only once, but two times. He called his USC fraternity brother, Will Ferrell, to come and help raise the money for the Indiegogo campaign. 

IndieGoGo Campaign

The campaign started on September 10, 2014, and at the time of this writing has raised a little over $23,000 of the $375,000 goal, with 32 days left in the campaign. Like any other crowd-sourced funding, incentives are offered at different levels, and those who bid higher, will receive more entries into a sweepstakes where the winner will be invited to Twitch’s HQ in San Francisco to play a yet-to-be-determined game with Will Ferrell.

The video is also quite entertaining, with Will Ferrell (who calls himself Will Pharrell) talking smack about his gaming expertise. More information about the sweepstakes and the charity can be found at the IndieGoGo campaign, “Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge.”

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