Will the Vita See a Price Drop Similar to the One in China?

Playstation Vita might get a price drop in major markets!

Playstation Vita might get a price drop in major markets!
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As you may or may not know, the Playstation Vita has received a significant price drop as shown in this forum post on NeoGAF. From its original $2280 HKD price, which is approximately $294 USD, to a whopping $1280 HKD, which is approximately $165 USD. That is an incredible price drop, which would be very welcome in most markets. 

The Playstation Vita has struggled a lot since its release back in February 2012. Some say it’s priced too high, others say it has no support. People expect both these problems will be fixed at Gamescom, when Sony is projected to announce a significant price drop and more Vita support by making more games for the handheld console and through implementation in Playstation 4 games. This would put Sony ahead of its competition by showing off the power of the Vita and how it will be implemented in games on Sony’s newest console, the Playstation 4. The Vita is supposed to be seamlessly tied in with the Playstation 4 acting like a variety of things. This personally seems like Sony’s last attempt at support regarding the Vita.

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