Will WoW Be The Next Top Community Management Team?

World of Warcraft has been nominated by fans for Top Community Management team. Will you vote for them?

World of Warcraft has been nominated by fans for Top Community Management team. Will you vote for them?
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The buzz around Stormwind these days is that World of Warcraft has been nominated by fans for the Top Management Team Dragon Slayer Award; an award given out once a year by Guild Launch. 

You have to assume all those up for nomination have to have pretty decent communities to ever get that far with fans, but World of Warcraft has held the hearts of fans in the MMO scene for a while. 

Let’s take a brief look at what communities fans of World of Warcraft can turn to.


WoW has a unique look and interface to their forums, and I think it’s attractive. They have customer support as a priority listed essentially first, and cover Customer Support, Technical Support, Bug Reports, PTR Bug Reports, Service Status (Read Only), Mac Technical Support, and PTR Discussion. 

There is a lot interaction in particular from fan to fans on these.

Facebook and Twitter

WoW‘s Facebook and Twitter both do a decent job of fan engagement and addressing concerns. The Twitter account utilizes a lot of questions referencing a player’s experience at some point within the game itself, asking players questions like: 

These things not only encourage positive fan conversations, but also give WoW a good insight into the return they are getting from putting time and money towards these communities.

The Facebook page takes advantage once again of the ability to feature images and video, and the community team highlights these by attaching them directly to the post with any links being secondary. Many posts include talking about the game’s characters and lore, and contests for players; but there are still some which address questions from fans.

When the voting ends, will World of Warcraft be so popular the game even beats out over its own company, Blizzard? Only you can decide!

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