Wipeout-inspired racer Antigraviator speeds onto Kickstarter

New Wipeout/F-Zero-inspired racer Antigraviator hits Kickstarter and looks to stake its place among the futuristic racing elite.

After a drought spanning nearly a decade without any suggestion of a new Wipeout, F-Zero, or any racing title of similar ilk, 2016 and 2017 have seen a resurgence of the futuristic racing sub-genre with stellar titles like Redout and Fast RMX.

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The latest game to come forth in this futuristic racing renaissance is Antigraviator, the debut title of independent Belgian developer Cybernetic Walrus. Combining the tactile handling and boost power of F-Zero with Wipeout-style tracks and barrel rolls, Antigraviator feels like a true homage to both of these classic titles.

Not wanting to be a copycat, however, Antigraviator also introduces a new mechanic that allows players to trigger obstructions like avalanches and on-track weaponry to potentially block or destroy competing racers, giving the game a cut-throat feel despite the title’s lack of traditional weaponry.

Alongside the game’s recently-opened Kickstarter, the studio has released a free playable alpha demo on PC with multiple tracks, vehicle aesthetics, and 4-player split-screen support, giving all potential players and backers the chance to try out the game for themselves.

Online multiplayer and a full single-player campaign have been promised for the final game as well, which will launch later this year on PC and Xbox One.

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