Witcher 2’s Modkit is Finally Here!

FINALLY, I can make this game as weird and as perverted as I want!

FINALLY, I can make this game as weird and as perverted as I want!

Based on this video, you seem to have a ton to do now.  Not only can you shape your own lands but you can also make new characters, shape new stories and even tweak the combat.  This all leads to you really being able to make a Witcher story you have either wanted to see or share with others.  

The Witcher series focuses so much on story; I would love to see what stories people want to tell.  I see plenty of potential of making alternate timelines showing “What if…” situations that the main game does not address or even presenting a change to a story element based on how you thought it should have happened.

This is also cool because not even Skyrim’s mod kits have terrain editors built in.  Heck, Skyrim isn’t even close to giving people this much freedom in one package without making them jump through a few loop holes to do it.  I know about the total overhaul to make Skyrim a tropical paradise but that meant the creator had to find every model and retexture them or replace them.  While it is a cool result, it seems that these things are accessible through menus and not requiring tons of time to find and alter if need be.

With these tools they are more or less allowing you to build your own game.   I enjoyed tinkering with the Farcry map editors and even back in the day as a Tony Hawk map maker nut but this takes the cake.  Yes, this is for the PC and that means it has more potential than any console could dream of pulling off, but good lord, they pretty much gave you everything but the programs they used to MAKE the game.

Here is hoping we see some really amazing content from this.  New awesome weapons, cool side stories that will showcase someone’s writing skills, or even making a female protagonist and making all his lady friends males would be rad to see.

Hopefully, someone will start work on making an interactive version of the novels that we never will have translated in the states.  I know many Witcher fans will rejoice to that idea.  Not meaning to be a buzz kill though, I am pretty sure that, more then anything, this is mostly going to be flooded with perverted mods à la Skyrim and Oblivion.

For further information, visit the actual website here!

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