Witcher 3 devs taking Xbox One saving problems “very seriously”

PC has already had a patch, but when will Xbox users be able to save properly?

PC has already had a patch, but when will Xbox users be able to save properly?

The Witcher 3 has topped the UK sales chart this week, with the game reportedly having the biggest launch of any game across all platforms, according to reports.

Compared with The Witcher 2‘s opening week, The Witcher 3 outsold its predecessor 6 to 1. This is in stark contrast to the fact that many people who have bought the game have been encountering many problems with the game across most platforms.

Despite this success, there has yet to be a patch for the current slate of problems that Xbox One users have been having. Even though the PC version of the game has recently gotten a patch for mainly graphical issues, Xbox One users have been reporting that they are currently unable to save their games, with the auto-save function currently being disabled. So far, they have said that this essentially renders playing the game useless.

CD Projekt Red has said that they are taking the problems “very seriously.” According to reports, many Xbox One players have been unable to save their game, and have found that the Auto-Save function is disabled, leading to a loss of many hours of game-time.

Writing in regards to forum posts on the Witcher 3 website,  CD Projekt Red quest designer Philipp Weber confirmed the studio is “aware of the issue and treat it very seriously,” adding that it hopes to “put the fix in a patch as soon as possible.”

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