Witchfire Early Access Release Date, Gameplay Trailer Revealed at Summer Game Fest

The latest game from The Astronauts reveals Early Access plan with a new trailer.

Image via The Astronauts

The minds behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are going more Painkiller with their new RPG shooter Witchfire. First announced in 2017, the dark fantasy game will be heading to Early Access on the Epic Games Store on September 20, 2023. Along with the Witchfire Early Access release date revealed at Summer Game Fest was a new (if short) gameplay trailer, showing off in-game mechanics as well as cinematics. Here’s what we know about Witchfire so far.

Witchfire is a roguelite shooter mixed with magic set in a medieval fantasy world. Thrown into the war between Witches and the Church, you’ll play as a witch hunter. Backed up by the Church and armed with weapons courtesy of Vatican sorcerers, you’ll take on the dark forces summoned by witches throughout the land.

While the focus of The Astronauts is to tell interesting stories, Witchfire’s Early Access release will zero in on gameplay and atmosphere, states Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz, in his interview with Epic Games News. Taking a page out of Tolkien’s book, it will feature hints at extensive lore throughout versus directly tackling the history of the world. A deeper dive into the story will most likely come closer to full release.

The trailer itself gives us a good look at the vibe of the game. It starts off with a cinematic, then integrates portions of actual game footage. Combat reigns supreme during the video, with different guns and magic being used against dark creatures.

Featuring horrifying enemies, magic, and plenty of firepower, there’s no doubt Witchfire’ll pack a punch when it enters Early Access. Stay tuned for more on Witchfire as the launch date gets closer.

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