World of Tanks Update 8.2: Go East and Die Nasty

Hello, can I take your order? So that's kung-po chicken, crispy shredded enemies and a side-order of great big tanks? It's on it's way to you now.
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Hot on the tracks of the 8.1 update which saw the introduction of the British, has released a new video showcasing the upcoming introduction of Chinese armour in the 8.2 patch.

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Not only will there be a tasty selection of new tanks, there’s a cryptic note about “new trees”. I’m almost certain this is a reference to the progression trees that allow you to unlock new tank tiers, but who knows? Perhaps are introducing lumber mills and farming to justify their Golden Joystick for best MMO of 2012. Rumours that player-run Chinese restaurants will be purchasable for gold are unfounded.

Here’s what is on the menu:

Map Updates:

  • Prokhorovka

  • Redshire

  • Erlenberg

  • Ruinberg

*We’ll gradually be retouching all of the maps and making visual improvements with each update.

Introduction of the Chinese Tree:

Starters (Light Tanks)

  • Renault NC-31

  • Vickers Mk.E Type B/T26

  • M5

  • 59-16

  • WZ131

  • WZ132

Side Orders (Medium Tanks)

  • Type 97 Chi-Ha

  • Type 58

  • T-34

  • T-34-1

  • T-34-2

  • Type 59 (WZ-120)

  • 121

Mains (Heavy Tanks)

  • IS-2

  • 110 (IS-2U)

  • 111 1/2/3

  • 111 4/5

Meat Dishes (Introduction of new Premium Tanks)

  • FCM 50t – French Tier 8 Heavy

  • TOG-2 – British Tier 6 Heavy

  • AT-15A British Tier 7 Tank Destroyer

Desserts (Introduction of new American Tanks)

  • Light Tanks

    • T21

    • T71

  • Medium Tanks

    • T69

    • T54

  • Heavy Tanks

    • T57

Look at that, we made it all the way through without a single reference to oriental cuisine. Oh wait.

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