World of Warcraft Armory Hacked, Blizzard Issues Warning

Blizzard issues warning for hacked auction house.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

Blizzard has issued a security warning to its World of Warcraft subscribers, warning them that the Armory has been compromised and reporting unauthorized account logins.

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The WoW Armory is a streamlined site that allows players to access World of Warcraft character or item information and the auction house. According to PCGamesN, the hack has caused Blizzard to temporarily take down the web and mobile auction house for emergency maintenance, though it will remain functional through the game and the official WoW website. Blizzard is also currently notifying players whose accounts have been compromised and deploying instructions for account resets.

Over the last two days, upset players took to the Blizzard forums to report losses of in-game items and gold, seeking a solution. Accounts hit were found to have had huge quantities of gold spent on pricey junk items for laundering. 

Even players with Blizzard’s Battle.Net authentication tool installed have suffered, though the feature is supposedly a safety net for this exact situation. Yet players using this authentication still suffered massive losses.

WoW customer support has assured that they will restore game items and gold upon request. The publisher has cautioned that it is difficult to hack-proof an account, but every small security measure adds another defensive barrier, even if it’s as simple as a weekly password change.

“We strongly encourage everyone to take a few moments to read through the security tips available on our support website and follow the suggestions posted there.”

Blizzard is still working to rectify the situation. We’ll keep you updated as news comes in.


Are you a Wow Player affected by the hack? Let us know how you’re dealing with this.

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