World of Warcraft Loses Over Half of a Million Subscribers Since March Report

World of Warcraft has lost a significant amount of subscribers over a period of 4 months.

MMORPG titan World of Warcraft (not to be confused with the upcoming MMORPG Titan) has been slowly losing members here and there for the last few years.

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The second most recent quarter report showed that WoW was sitting at 8.3 million subscribers. This number isn’t extremely low, but it is lower than what Warcraft has been in terms of subscriber numbers in the past.

In a bit of bad news for Blizzard, their most recent quarter report indicates that the game is down to only 7.7m subscribers. That drop doesn’t seem too significant until one realizes that it is over half a million.

The way this is measured is by the people who recently purchased the game for the first time and are using their free month as well as people using a monthly subscription and/or a prepaid card. Frozen and canceled accounts do not count nor do those who are only back on promotional time.

When these numbers get announced, many people, fans of WoW and non-fans alike, are quick to scream that this MMO is dead. Time has shown, however, that subscribers come and go between expansions and even between patches. These numbers will most likely increase when the successor to Mists of Pandaria comes out.

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