World of Warcraft’s History Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Hugely overdo and surprising in some aspects, Blizzard released their first official World of Warcraft infographic today!

Think you know every inch of Azeroth, from the shores of Pandaria in the south to the frozen plains of Northrend? Today, Blizzard unveiled their first official infographic on their legendary game.  From stats about the lore of the game to the amount of fox tailed Pandarens that have existed, the long overdue infographic has plenty of fun facts about World of Warcraft for people who have played for years or are just starting.

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Link to the Infographic.

Now that Blizzard has officially put out an infographic, maybe we can get some more based on community curiosities.

  • How many times have people gotten lost looking for Mankrik’s wife?
  • How many setbacks has Kael’thas actually endured?

These are some pressing questions that Blizzard has now opened the door to! With other successful MMOs on the market now like FF14, or equally long-running EVE Online, World of Warcraft might be past its prime. But it’s always interesting to look back at the history of such a storied game.

And with the new  expansion pack coming out soon, there’s still plenty of adventure left in Azeroth, Dreanor and beyond to experience!

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