World of Warplanes is Approaching Open Beta Phase

With the opportunity of gifts lurking, I definitely suggest joining the Open Beta phase of World of Warplanes.
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As the Closed Beta phase is coming to an end, everyone is starting to look forward to the Open Beta phase of World of Warplanes.
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World of Warplanes is a flight combat MMO set in the Golden Age of military aviation. The game features plenty of planes for you to use to build careers of virtual pilots, starting from 1930’s and up to Korean War jet fighters. It just sounds… well, cool.

Now about the Open Beta phase. Almost the entire game will restart, so if you were apart of the Closed Beta phase, kiss your gold and aircrafts good-bye. You’ll be able to keep your experience points and victory marks (painted on your planes). This is to keep an even playing field for those just now coming into the game.

Another new aspect of this phase will be the currency system.

For the Open Beta phase, tokens will be used instead of gold. In two stages, accounts will be wiped of the “Test Gold” and the token format will be used until the game is actually released. The amount of combat achievements you have will determine the amount of tokens you get to replace your gold in the Open Beta phase. Before World of Warplanes is released, there will be one more wipe to bring the gold currency system back.

The reason for all these phases and the game wipes is to test the in-game economy and balance, and to be sure that there are no bugs before the game is released. For those willing to test the game during Beta, various gifts, including aircrafts, will be given.

I definitely suggest watching the video that was posted and to try out the Open Beta phase, which has yet to be released.

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