World of Warships Receives Major Update for October details plans for their next October update for World of Warships details plans for their next October update for World of Warships
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This October, expect to see developers set sail with another major update coming to World of WarshipsThis new patch includes plenty of new gameplay aspects and a Halloween event adds submarines to the game. plans to use the Halloween event as a data point to assess how well submarines preform with the numerous other battleships. For those who get the chance to play as a submarine, expect to prowl the watery depths as you avoid detection and become the terror of the sea. Once the event is over, submarines will leave the game and expects to add them back in, permanently, come 2019.

The October update also comes with the rebalancing of aircraft carriers and tweaking how they play. These changes are designed to give them a stronger presence in a battle and allow the players to have direct aircraft squadron control, making precise choices to tip the scales of battle in their team’s favor.

Players will get to choose between three different fighter squadrons to have on their aircraft carrier: torpedo bombers, dive bombers, or attack planes. If enemy fighters show up to attack the player’s aircraft carrier, they can summon a defensive squadron to spawn and patrol their area. will release this patch sometime this October on an undisclosed date, but before Halloween. Keep it here at GameSkinny to learn more about the changes coming to World of Warships.

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