World of Warships sends players out of this world in the upcoming, limited-time Space Warships mode. Read on for the stellar details.

World of Warships Takes to the Stars in Upcoming Space Warships Mode

World of Warships sends players out of this world in the upcoming, limited-time Space Warships mode. Read on for the stellar details.
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Yes, you read that headline correctly. And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. From March 29 to April 11, you’ll temporarily be able to leave the salty seas behind and battle in the cosmos during a limited-time mode called Space Warships in Wargaming’s hit naval battle sim, World of Warships.

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Space Warships mode will be accessible to all players at or above Level 12 who have at least one Tier VI ship, and unlocking spaceships will require players to first complete a special battle mission.

a spaceship in battle in Space Mode, World of Warships' new, limited-time mode

According to the World of Warships website, here are the nine spaceships that will be available during this limited-time event:

  • FlyFire: an elegant design with excellent rocket armament and awesome stealth systems
  • Galaxy: quantum-cumulative shells and an anti-drone disruptor field will surely come in handy
  • Hellcarrier: control swarms of drones to conquer even the most distant corners of space!
  • Paris: armor and speed combined with quick-firing guns and unique ion thrusters
  • Zaya: as beautiful as a star butterfly, and as dangerous as a Tellurian serpent — that’s all you need to know
  • Norma: a special turbolaser battery with a unique reloading system, and ion rockets that obliterate all matter in their way
  • Aurora: “No phantoms shall pass” is the main motto of the engineers who designed this powerful and majestic cruiser
  • Alldestroyer: excellent all-rounder—thick armor, great guns and a large number of small laser turrets
  • Blue Aster: a good choice if you need to disintegrate another disintegrator, so that it doesn’t disintegrate your disintegrator

While this isn’t the first time Wargaming has implemented galactic warfare into its free-to-play phenomenon, it does bear noting that this time around, all-new content has been specifically created for this limited-time mode. For a series so dedicated to authentic naval action, it’s refreshing to see Wargaming offer up a bit of out-of-this-world fun for its dedicated playerbase. 

Are you excited to check out Space Mode? Let us know in the comments below, and stick with GameSkinny for all things World of Warships.

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