World War II Strategy Game Lets You Rewrite History; Fall Weiss Now on Steam Greenlight

Fall Weiss lets you defend Poland during WWII, or control the Axis powers your own way.

Poland-based developer Wastelands Interactive has announced that its strategy wargame Fall Weiss is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Fall Weiss is the first game in The Campaign Series, and a “spiritual successor” to Strategic Simulations’ Panzer General. It is being touted as the first computer game to give you the full perspective of the Invasion of Poland at the beginning of WWII.

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Fall Weiss on Steam Greenlight

The game gives players the opportunity to attack or defend as one of 11 armies involved in the conflict. Everything that happens is based on history and the decisions made by players; your successes and failures rewrite history as your chosen army battles through enemies, weather and terrain.

If you choose to play as the Polish Army, you will defend against the German and Soviet threat. Your actions can inevitably lead to the defeat of the combined forces and prevention of the treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union that divided the entirety of Poland.


Producer Leszek Lisowski stated that Wasteland Interactive chose the Invasion of Poland to headline The Campaign Series because the contributions Poland made to the Allied Forces during WWII are under-represented in computer games. Fall Weiss is a way of promoting the country’s history while giving gamers the freedom to make decisions based on strategy and preference.

The game provides difficulty options for those who would like to take a tour through history, but who may become intimidated by the greater challenge of strategy games.

While the title was originally released for PC in September 2013, the developers only recently took to Greenlight for distribution through the Steam platform. In the comments section of the game’s Greenlight community page, they have stated that it will become available as soon as it receives the number of votes necessary to become greenlit. They have also stated that a Linux release is planned “as soon as possible.”

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