World War Z Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Now Available for Preorder

Saber Interactive reveals a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming team-based shooter, World War Z; preorders are currently live on all storefronts.

Set to P.O.D.’s bombastic classic, “Boom,” World War Z‘s latest trailer takes its best shot at showing players what they can expect from the title’s explosive gameplay. 

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While developer Saber Interactive has released a handful of trailers for World War Z before, none have been as action-packed as “Zombies Are Coming.” From exploding zombie heads to the high-flying undead, the game’s latest trailer shows both the overwhelming odds players will face in the game as well as the overwhelming firepower they will use to blow zombies up into tiny giblets. 

Alongside the new gameplay trailer, the developer also announced that preorders for World War Z have gone live for PC, PlayStation4, and Xbox One. Preorders for PC are exclusive to the Epic Games store, while those for the PS4 and Xbox One are available through traditional storefronts and vendors. 

Adding a further wrinkle to the game’s PC release, Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matthew Karch, recently revealed on Twitter that, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will retail for $39.99, the PC version will retail for $34.99. Karch directly referenced Epic’s revenue split as the primary reason Saber will be able to provide the discount through the digital storefront. 

Because of the savings Saber is able to “pass along” to gamers, the $5 price drop will be permanent on PC. Karch continued by saying that “any players who have already purchased the game for $39.99 [on the Epic Games store] will get the $5 refunded back to them.” 

Set to release on April 16, World War Z is based on a movie of the same name, which was, in turn, based on a book. However, the game is not a 100% faithful adaptation; it will feature locations from the movie, but it will not feature characters or direct plot points from the film. 

Instead of following a United Nations employ as he tries to save himself and his family from the zombie apocalypse, players will instead form teams, of up to four players, in a Left4Dead-style action shooter. Although World War Z will feature a campaign and co-op multiplayer, it will also feature a PvPvE mode where teams of players fight both each other and the zombie horde. 

More about World War Z, its modes, and its six classes can be found on the game’s official website. Karch’s statement on the PC release can be found on Twitter.

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