World War Z Swarms to 1 Million Units Sold in First Week, Updates on Horizon

Despite average critical reviews, World War Z has infected 1 million players since launch.

Despite average critical reviews, World War Z has infected 1 million players since launch.

Although critics have so far been divided on the recently-released World War Z game, fans have flocked to the title in droves. Just one week after launch, and World War Z has already sold 1 million units across all platforms, including PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

Speaking of the milestone in a press release, Saber Interactive CEO Matthew Karch said that the company was thankful for the reception fans have given World War Z. He added that the Epic Games Store played a role in the achievement. 

We are humbled and thrilled by the immense success so far of World War Z, especially on PC thanks to the tremendous support of the Epic Games Store.

Karch continued by telling us that World War Z is the company’s fastest-selling game, and that the company expects even bigger milestones to be reached in the near future. 

We didn’t have week one numbers on the Master Chief Collection or Combat Evolved Anniversary but other than that, this is definitely our fastest selling game. It isn’t our bestselling one yet but we expect it will be by the end of the quarter.

In February, Saber Interactive confirmed that World War Z would join The Division 2 and Metro Exodus as Epic Games Store exclusives. While some gamers lamented the move as an increasing trend of developers leaving Steam behind, the exclusivity deal between Epic Games and Saber Interactive doesn’t seem to have hurt the game’s sales on PC. 

Attached to the sales announcement was mention of further updates to the co-op zombie shooter. While Karch wasn’t terribly specific about what’s to come for World War Z, he did say that future patches and updates would focus on “content” and “improvements” for both the game’s PvE and PvEvP modes. 

Moving forward, we’ll continue to expand the game and its community with new improvements, stability updates, and bonus gameplay content, beginning very soon with a special new mission for the Tokyo episode.

In our review of World War Z, we said that while the game can be “quite entertaining with all its large-scale glory, good graphics, and abundance of classes”, we also acknowledged that it could get repetitive because of its lack of content, among a few other small hiccups. 

World War Z is currently available for PC for $34.99 on the Epic Games Store. It is also available on the PS4 and Xbox One for $39.99. 

For those just playing the game, we have a handful of tips and tricks available over on our World War Z guides page, including which classes are best for PvE and PvEvP, and what builds are worth focusing on. 

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