Worlds first “Pokemon Master” has captured every available North American Pokemon.

We finally have the worlds first Pokemon Master!

We finally have the worlds first Pokemon Master!

A user on reddit by the name of ftb_hodor is claiming to have caught all 142 Pokemon currently available in North America. These of course do not include the Six rarest Pokemon that no one has seen or managed to capture yet. These are the legendary birds Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno as well as Ditto, Mew and Mewtwo.

Any other budding Pokemon masters may have noticed that still leaves 3 other Pokemon unaccounted for. The three Pokemon that are left are believed by the community to be region specific. They are as follows:

Mr Mime

Mr Mime has been reported to be available only in Western Europe, and is in abundance there.


Farfetched is reserved only for countries found within Asia–a shame for anyone that’s after this feathery fiend.


Like its name sake, Kangazkhan is only located in Oceanic areas, predominantly Australia if reports are correct.

Ftb_hodor claims that he managed to catch all 142 Pokemon without travelling, with the exception of a one-off trip to New Jersey. He managed this due to the proximity of four, lured Pokestops next to Central Park in New York. He had to catch 4,689 individual Pokemon in order to reach this goal! An impressive amount by any means, especially as they claim that he managed this whilst working a 50 hour week!

This could be further proof that Niantic needs to make more resources available for those that don’t live in these heavily built up urban environments.

How many Pokemon have you caught so far? How close are you to finishing your “regional” Pokedex? Leave us a comment at the bottom!




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