Worldslayer is an extensive expansion that reworks some of Outriders' core systems while adding a new campaign, skill trees, and more.

Worldslayer Expansion Will Introduce Big Changes to Outriders

Worldslayer is an extensive expansion that reworks some of Outriders' core systems while adding a new campaign, skill trees, and more.

Worldslayer is the upcoming story expansion for Outriders, due to release for all platforms on June 30. But simply calling it a “story expansion” would be an injustice considering the amount of new content and systems it brings to the world of Enoch. From the looks of it, Worldslayer caters to new and old players alike through several important additions. 

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Though we haven’t gone hands-on with the new expansion as we did the New Horizon update, a recent Outriders broadcast pulled back the curtain on Worldslayer. For starters, the Outriders are up against two new threats: violent environmental changes wreaking havoc on Enoch and an ancient altered, Ereshkigal, who rises to challenge the progress from the base game’s campaign. 

There’s no word yet on the exact length of the new campaign (People Can Fly didn’t outright say, only mentioning “100s” of hours), but there will be plenty of new environments to explore, enemies to fight, and bosses to take down. Of course, there are also new weapons and gear to help you come out victorious.

None of those were singled out in the broadcast, so we’ll have to wait and see what perks they ultimately have, but new legendaries, including weapons and 5-piece and 3-piece armor sets, will number near 100, according to the developers. New mods will augment those weapons and gear pieces, increasing the number of build possibilities to what appears to be a staggering degree. 

To further change things up, there’s an entirely new skill tree available for each class after reaching Level 30. The PAX class skill tree essentially amounts to a sub-class tree, split into two branches, that uses PAX points gained from completing challenges in Worldslayer. It augments the current skill trees for each of Outriders‘ four classes, adding new abilities that haven’t yet been fully detailed.

New players and old players starting new characters can also take advantage of the character boost feature, which puts new characters at Level 30 automatically, with appropriate, if random, weapons and gear. 

Alongside these additions, the Ascension system augments progression post Level 30 and impacts four key aspects: Endurance, Brutality, Prowess, and Anomaly Power. Within those categories, there are further options that can be upgraded and improved through the use of Ascension points. According to People Can fly, there are 200 points to gather across Worldslayer and “hundreds of hours of play” to acquire them all. 

A revamped World Tier system and the increased level cap will ensure there’s always a challenge to getting these weapons, gear pieces, and points. Now called Apocalypse Tiers instead of World Tiers, difficulty levels will be increased to Level 40 and the overall gear cap to 75. This is also where the third mod slot comes into play; Apocalypse gear is a new legendary variant found in these higher difficulties, and some pieces come with a third mod slot that allows for further augmentation. 

All of this isn’t just meant for the campaign portion of Worldslayer. That’s because Outriders will have a new endgame, as well. The Trial of Tarya Gratar won’t spell the end for Expeditions — those are still part of the equation — but it will provide new endgame content for high(er)-level players. There isn’t much info on the mode just yet, though, with People Can Fly teasing more details for a future Outriders Broadcast. So we’ll have to wait just a bit longer.

Worldslayer will be available on June 30 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. Those who already own the Outriders base game can upgrade to Worldslayer digitally for $39.99, and those who haven’t yet ventured to Enoch can pick up the Outriders Worldslayer Edition bundle for $59.99. Pre-orders are available now and new and old players can jump in 48 hours early if they pick it up before release. 

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