Worried About In-Game Permadeath?

Why build something for weeks only to have it taken from you or destroyed? In Armies of Alamar, you have choices. Awesome choices.
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An update announcement for Armies of Alamar, The Game.

We here at X and Z productions understand how it feels to play a game, build something for weeks only to have it taken from you or destroyed. It is devastating. People say that is the chance one must take in a medieval war game like ours, but what if you don’t want to play a WAR game all the time? You have a life, a job and heaven knows what else on your plate, day in and day out. A game is suppose to be a break from that. So we have devised a way for you to pick your game play style and we will incorporate this functionality into the game later this week.

For lack of a better working title, we are calling it Battle Mode.

When you are in non-battle mode your villages can not be attacked or destroyed, but you cannot attack another player either. Fair is fair. You will be able to play and interact with all the other players in all the other ways. You will be able to take part in all the Future Quests, fighting quest and non-fighting ones also. Yes, you will have the ability to change between non-battle and battle mode. Bear in mind we will put in place a cooldown period that will not allow you to change back to non-battle for several days (actual length hasn’t been decided yet, we need to talk with our players first). Again, fair is fair. You can’t run out and attack someone then run and hide like in some other games.

With Battle Mode you will be able to play and build, or rebuild as the case may be, in relative peace until such a time you decide to get back into the fray and take that throne which is supposed to be yours! This system will also act as a default vacation mode that still allows you to play at your leisure without worries.

Just another castle from the game.

Like I said, this functionality will be added to the game this week and thoroughly tested in the Private Betas. If you would like to put your ideas in, please post them here or, better yet, join the site and become a Kickstarter backer of at least $10. We will make you a Private Beta tester and you can help shape the game in its final stages–and get some great in-game stuff for half price!

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