WoW 5.2: Go Bats Over New Mounts!

A whole butt load of new mounts coming with patch 5.2

A whole butt load of new mounts coming with patch 5.2
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If you’re a fan of collecting mounts, then the recent releases for World of Warcraft patch 5.2 must have you drooling at the mouth. There are a bunch of kick-ass mounts coming with this patch (and one available now in store) and they can be earned through various means.

First off, let’s look at the premium mount: the Swift Windsteed. This is continuing with the East Asian theme of Pandaria by adding in a WoW take on the qilin, often called the Chinese unicorn.

The spike on his chest is for impaling gnomes and goblins.

Next up, we have a piece of epic loot from the next set of the trading card game. This one is called Ghastly Charger’s Skull. I love most of the spooky horse mounts in this game and this one is no exception. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these bad boys in a booster pack, how about sending it my way? Please?

Why the long face? Why so blue?

The next three mounts will be obtained through various means in WoW itself. Spawn of Horridon is speculated to be gotten from a raid boss named Horridon. It’s a bad booty triceratops.

This ain’t Land Before Time, mother lovers.

Next up on the WoW dastardly dino list is the Armored Skyscreamer. This beautiful pterodactyl is speculated to be anything from a raid achievement to a faction reward for the new set of dailies.

Wonder how much he spends at the dentist.

Last, but definitely not least, is my personal favorite of the new mounts. From what I can tell so far, it’s being referred to as the Epic Bat Mount, although that just seems to be its speculative name for now.

Can you say, “it’s about time?”

The best part of the last three mounts? They come in different colors. It’d be great if it were possible to collect all of them, as that would instantly put you closer to any mount related achievement you have your eye on. Seems like WoW 5.2 is throwing the mounts in to make up for all the walking everyone had to do when MoP first came out and everyone was leveling. All I know is I want that bat mount. Now.

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