WoW 5.2 Preview: Ain’t Gonna Work on Yoon’s Farm No More

Some major and minor changes are coming to Sunsong Ranch in patch 5.2.

Some major and minor changes are coming to Sunsong Ranch in patch 5.2.
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While some players were ripping apart their foes in battlegrounds and arenas and other players were saving Pandaria from the Sha, others were doing something much more important: growing the crops that feed the heroes. If you’re like me and finished Sunsong Ranch as fast as humanly (or Orcly) possible, you no doubt are craving something new to tide you over as you continue tilling the land.

Not only is 5.2 ripe with a new raid and dailies, but it’s also got new farming content ready to be harvested. Players will now be able to buy the land officially from Farmer Yoon, turning it into a resting point that functions just like an inn (my new home, thank you) where you will receive work orders from other factions to raise your reputation with them.

He was sick of sharing the land with you, too, bud.

There have been a few other changes to the ranch for 5.2. Chief among them is that there will be a seed bag for the sake of your inventory space. The mailbox is also being renamed from Yoon’s Mailbox to Sunsong Ranch Mailbox. 

Special seed yields have been increased in order to match what you can get from going out and farming for them in the other sense. Most importantly is that dealing with Virmen has been made easier: you can pop them out of the ground, stunned and at 30% health when you plow over them. Lastly, wild crops will occur with a lowered frequency.

I am a little too excited over this. As you can see from the header image, my Warlock is quite the farmer. I’ve been dying for some new content on Sunsong Ranch since I got exalted with the Tillers. There’s just something relaxing about winding down from dailies by planting and harvesting crops. Especially after setting some Alliance scum aflame.

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