WoW 5.2 Preview: Thunder King Raid Rumbles on to PTR Early January

The next patch is slated to hit PTR soon. A new raid, two new world bosses, and a new daily questing hub are coming out in 5.2
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Most of us aren’t even done with the majority of the content from 5.1, but the folks at Blizz are making good on their promise to release quality content patches close to each other. WoW 5.2 looks like it’ll be delivering on said promise with the amount of content it has.

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For raiders, the most important piece of this patch is the new raid: Throne of Thunder. The Thunder King, Emperor Lei Shen, has come back to get all up in the grills of the inhabitants of Pandaria. This bad Mogu mofo is the thirteenth and last boss of the encounter, being accessible only if you attempt the raid on the heroic-difficulty. If you’re passing up heroic to do LFR, then you’ll experience the raid diced up into four wings.

There will be a new faction you can earn reputation with exclusively through the raid: the Shado-Pan Assault. If you earn enough reputation through completing this raid, you can earn special valor point gear.

The new WoW 5.2 raid will only be available for testing during a limited window of time, so, be sure to check out the official PTR discussion forum in order to find out when you can try your hand at defeating the Thunder King.


Source: MMO Champion

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