WoW 5.2 Trailer Out and Blizzard Makes an Announcement

The new trailer features some pretty powerful Pandaren poetry.

The new trailer features some pretty powerful Pandaren poetry.

Patch trailers paint some of the most memorable scenes in World of Warcraft. Joining rank among the greats is the trailer for patch 5.2. While normal trailers usually feature an enemy taunting you, this one has Lorewalker Cho delivering some well crafted poetry.

The trailer features some beautiful music that goes along pretty well with Cho’s poem. Not only that, but the visuals of the trailer do a great job of giving you a feel for the next WoW patch. From the preview, the raid seems visually stunning.

In addition to the new trailer, Blizzard has made an announcement about… an announcement. At PAX East, Blizzard will be making a statement about something new that is not related to Diablo 3. What it is related to is not totally known, although they did state that “it’s not a new sequel, expansion, or that rumored next-gen MMO…”

After seeing the Chinese theme park of WoW, let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’re announcing an official version in the US. Or, even better, Warcraft 4.

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