WoW 5.3 Patch Notes at a Glance

Keeping true to their word with their faster patch delivery rates, Blizzard gives us the skinny on patch 5.3.

Keeping true to their word with their faster patch delivery rates, Blizzard gives us the skinny on patch 5.3.

The new patch notes are out for World of Warcraft 5.3 and it’s looking to be a bit light in content compared to 5.2, but big in changes to PvP. No specific date has been given regarding its release date on the PTR.


Four new scenarios have been announced. First, there’s Battle on the High Seas where the players assist their faction in an Alliance vs. Horde naval showdown. Second, there is Blood in the Snow in which Alliance players get to team up with Moira and fight off Frostmane Trolls. The third scenario is entitled Dark Heart of Pandaria; Horde players assist a Goblin crew while they try to find a mysterious artifact in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Last, the Secrets of Emberdeep, where the Gob Squad and Horde players must investigate a missing person in Durotar (possibly Vol’jin?)

Not only are there four new scenarios, but WoW 5.3 also ushers in the heroic scenario. These are meant for players who know the ropes. Completing them rewards valor and the possibility of Raid Finder equipment.

One of the other two big changes to WoW PvE involve the ability to finally choose which spec you want to get loot for in bonus rolls, Raid Finder, and some quests in Pandaria. The other change affects bonus rolls: the more times you do not get gear, the better a chance you have at getting it in future rolls.


WoW 5.3 introduces a new battleground and a new arena. The new battleground is called Deepwind Gorge. This battleground has players fighting over mines in the Valley of the Four Winds, as well as trying to keep their own resources from being stolen by the enemy faction. Shado-Pan is the new arena where players duke it out amongst fenced platforms and large tiger statues which can be used for an environmental advantage.

Brace yourself: PvP resilience has been removed from most PvP gear. Players now have a base resilience of 65%. Season 13 Tyrannical and Season 13 Tyrannical Elite gear have both had their item levels respectively raised and lowered to 496. Battlegrounds, Rated Battlegrounds, and Arenas now have an ilvl cap of 496.

Just like any major change to the PvP game, this has caused a fecal storm of sorts throughout the WoW PvP community. Blizzard will be addressing why and how these changes are going to take affect in a blog sometime this week.


The new changes to the classes in WoW don’t seem too drastic so far. It mostly seems like decreasing the cost of mana for buff spells for most classes.

Druids now only have to pay 5% mana (down from 10%) to cast Mark of the Wild. The cooldown has been increased to 90 seconds from 60 seconds on Symbiosis: Intimidating Roar.

Mages now only pay 1% of their mana (down from 4%) when casting either Arcane Brilliance or Dalaran Brilliance.

Monks only lock a spell school out for 4 seconds instead of 5 when using Spear Hand Strike. Windwalker spec now only pays 1% of their mana (down from 4%) to cast either Legacy of the Emperor or Legacy of the White Tiger.

Paladins now only have to pay 5% of their mana (down from 22.3%) to cast either Blessing of Kings or Blessing of Might.

Priests‘ Power Word: Fortitude now only costs 1% (down from 4.4%.)

Warlocks’ Dark Intent now only costs 1% (down from 4%.)

Warrior’s talent Vigilance gains the additional effect of resetting the cooldown on Taunt.

Death Knight, Hunter, Rogue, and Shaman changes will be posted when Blizzard updates the patch notes with their information.


Herbalists and Miners can now mine at any skill level from the nodes in Pandaria starting in WoW patch 5.3. Their yields will be miniscule at first, increasing as their skill level does.


The Black Market Auction House now sells Unclaimed Black Market Auction House Containers which contain a mystery item that can be any of the items sold on the BMAH.

The clearcasting effect of Courageous Primal Diamond has been renamed to “Lucidity” in order to avoid confusion between different procs.

In addition to this, WoW 5.3 marks the return of the item upgrade system which will be talked about in a separate post.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding WoW 5.3.

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