WoW Lead Systems Designer Talks Next-Gen Console Blizzard MMO

Greg Street talks the possibility of a Blizzard MMO coming to consoles.

Greg Street talks the possibility of a Blizzard MMO coming to consoles.
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Although it was previously not thought possible, it seems that Blizzard is considering putting World of Warcraft on the next console. At least, that’s the impression you get from reading NowGamer’s interview with Greg Street, the lead systems designer for the game.

Street cites keyboard and mouse dependency, as well as how much hard drive space Warcraft takes up as major difficulties for porting it to consoles. Street cited the porting of Diablo 3 with its changing of “the very fundamentals of the game” as proof that it can work, but further stating that “it would just be a big challenge for a game like WoW.”

Street expresses interest in the article for creating a next-gen MMO. He has a very optimistic outlook saying “It would be fun to work on just because of the design challenges would be kind of interesting to try to solve.” He finishes up the interview stating that he has no idea where this all is going, but “… it’s going to be a fun ride.”

I personally would be interested in seeing a Warcraft game come out on consoles ala Dust 514 where the console and PC versions of the game would overlap with each other. If it ends up being something completely new, I think it’ll still be interesting seeing what Blizzard can bring to the world of console MMOs.

What do you want to see in a console based MMO?

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