WoW: Legion to Add Gnome Hunters and Mechanical Pets

WoW to add the hunter class and new pets available for gnomes.

WoW to add the hunter class and new pets available for gnomes.
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With World of Warcraft: Legion coming next year, Blizzard has been releasing small tidbits of information every week. And this one definitely seems like it’s been a long time coming. I mean. why wouldn’t Azeroth’s most inventive, technology-minded race not be allowed to carry around gigantic rifles and team up with even more gigantic pets? Seriously, imagine a gnome rolling around with a core hound. It makes too much sense!

Luckily, Blizzard realized how necessary this addition would be and decided that Gnomes are finally going to be hunters in the game’s upcoming sixth expansion. 

Blizzard announced this alongside the announcement:

“Long at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in Azeroth, the inventive gnomes are finally ready to break out the big guns. Their propensity for things that go ‘bang’ and knack for high-tech weapons like rocket launchers, high-powered rifles, and death rays make them perfect candidates for hunting down prey.”

Additionally, gnomes aren’t going to be all about befriending the creatures of nature. Instead, the game is going to be introducing mechanical pets!

Gnome and Goblin players will be able to tame this new kind of hard-to-find pet right from the start. Other races will also be able to learn how to control these artificial animals via a device Engineers will be able to make.

Most Mechanical pets will be challenging to tame, requiring you to first locate them and then use your Hunter abilities in unusual ways. (You didn’t think we’d make it easy, did you?)

If you’ve been playing since Cataclysm, you probably remember that it was the expansion that added a bunch of new playable classes for every race, such as Night Elf Mages and Tauren Priests. One has to wonder if Gnomes are going to be the only race to get a new playable class. I, for one, have always wanted a Goblin Monk announcement. Spinning Crane Kick as a small green man? Sign me up!

To sate us until Legion is released, World of Warcraft is 75% off through January 4th.

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