WoW Noblegarden Starts Today: Let the Festivities Begin

Noblegarden goes from April 1st until April 8th, 2013.

Noblegarden goes from April 1st until April 8th, 2013.
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Noblegarden is the World of Warcraft holiday celebrated by Orcs all over the world in commemoration of Grom’s sacrifice that absolved them of their Fel taint. Oh, wait, no, that’s a different holiday. Noblegarden is an Azerothian holiday steeped in rich druid roots that is mostly celebrated by our avatars these days as an excuse to eat chocolate and hunt for eggs.

Noblegarden is one of the requirements for the WoW meta-achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. If you complete the required achievements, you will earn the title “the Noble.” With such a title, you’ll finally have an excuse for your Goblin to act just as snobby as her Blood Elf allies.

The celebrations for Noblegarden are inspired by the real world Easter traditions of egg hunting and the consumption of chocolate stuffs. It also comes with some interesting rewards you get by exchanging in the holiday currency of Noblegarden Chocolates. Things like Swift Springstrider, Spring Rabbit, and Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit.

You’ll be able to celebrate Noblegarden starting today, April 1st, until April 8th, 2013. Trust me from previous WoW holiday mistakes: if you want that achievement, start now. Holiday achievement procrastination is the leading cause of Warcraft related suicides.

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