WoW Only Has Measly Subscriber Base of 9.6 Million

World of Warcaft subscriber base has dwindled down to 9.6m.

World of Warcaft subscriber base has dwindled down to 9.6m.

Today in video game personification news, World of Warcraft was found Death in its home, wearing nothing but a panda costume. Neighboring MMO Tera could not be reached for comments. The cause of death has been determined as a loss of subscribers. Although foul play is a possibility, no WoW killer has been announced.

In all seriousness, the total subscribers for Warcraft has gone down from the “over 10 million” at MoP’s launch to 9.6 million. Although the jump might seem a bit big, this is par for the course after expansion releases.

To deter subscribers from leaving and to lure back those who have unsubscribed, Blizzard has been releasing patches at a much faster rate. VG247 states that Blizzard’s next update will come out in the next few weeks.

It was always funny to me when I’d see journalists make a fuss over the drop off after an expansion comes out. It’s been this way since Burning Crusade. Sometimes the drop offs are more steep, but WoW is still the #1 subscription based MMO.

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