WoW Speculation: Updated Character Models

New character models for old WoW races? Am I in heaven?

New character models for old WoW races? Am I in heaven?

It’s been known for quite some time now that Blizzard has been planning on going back and updating their older player models to bring them up to par with what’s been introduced since Cataclysm. Recently, there’s been more talk about a few specifics regarding the updated character models, meaning they’re probably far enough into development to start doing some speculating.

Old and Busted

The current models for the vanilla and Burning Crusade races look so lackluster compared to the Pandaren, Goblins, and Worgen that it’s just plain ridiculous. This is especially true when you compare them to their racial leaders who, mostly, have updated character models. It’s honestly surprising that Blizzard has taken this long to start developing updated character models, since the new compared with the old look like two completely different games altogether.

The New Hotness

If Vol’Jin’s new model (linked above) or Tyrande’s new model are anything to go by, we’ll be in for an absolute treat once the new models are released. I’m usually not too much of a stickler for graphics, but I’m so excited to see the old races with models that match up or exceed the newest races. Imagine how much smoother the dances are going to be. Might they even introduce the long delayed dance studio? A man can dream.

There is one big possible drawback to the new models: will they lose their old charm? According to the previously linked twitter post, they’re trying to do their best to retain said charm. It would be a bummer to see either of the Elf races jump without some sort of flip. That being said, though, it’d be nice to finally have Tauren that can look good in non-plate armor.

Out of the updated character models, I’m looking forward to Trolls and Tauren the most, although I’d love to see what the new Orcs and Dwarves will look like as well. Seeing an Orc with puffy cheeks from holding his breath underwater, a feature that the Pandaren models have, will be hilarious.

What updated character models are you looking forward to most? Are you excited, scared, or a bit of both?

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