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Wuthering Waves Player Creates Star Rail Equivalent Chart

Not sure what all these new terms mean? Take a look at this handy chart.

If you’re a regular gacha RPG gamer, you’ll see the similarities between Wuthering Waves and games like Genshin Impact or Honkai: StarRail. However, jumping over to Wuthering Waves from those other games can still be a bit shell-shocking. One player took to Reddit to help solve that problem with a special chart.

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If you’re making the jump from Honkai: StarRail to Wuthering Waves, you might be confused by the terminology for all the items and mechanics in this new experience. Well, Quit-Creative on Reddit developed a brilliant chart that matches the Wuthering Waves items with their Honkai: StairRail equivalents.

Wuthering WavesHonkai: StarRail
AstriteStellar Jade
LuniteOneiric Shard
Lustrous TideStar Rail Pass
Radiant TideStar Rail Special Pass
Shell CreditCredit
Resonance PotionTraveler’s Guide
Energy CoreRefined Aether
Oscillate and Afterglow CoralUndying Embers and Undying Starlight
WaveplateTrailblaze Power
Crystal SolventFuel
Lunite SubscriptionExpress Supply Pass
Resonance ChainEidolons
Resonance SkillSkill
Resonance LiberationUltimate
SOL-3 PhaseEquilibrium Level
Union LevelTrailblaze Level
Tower of AdversityEndgame

Being able to compare the two games allows players who have already become accustomed to Honkai: StarRail‘s terminology to better understand the new terms in Wuthering Waves. Although the games definitely have their differences, they still have very similar mechanics, as this chart makes obvious.

Quit-Creative isn’t the only player taking to Reddit to post charts like this. Since so many other gacha players are trying out this new experience, tons of different comparisons are being made, from Genshin Impact to Arknights. So be sure to check out the Reddit thread to stay in the loop and perhaps have an easier time learning the ropes.

Unfortunately, these charts are only handy if you have experience with these types of games. New players will still start from ground zero and have to figure everything out themselves. Don’t worry, though; it’ll just take a bit of experience to memorize them all in no time.

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