WWE 2K16 brings improvements to Universe Mode

WWE 2K16 adds more customization to Universe Mode.

WWE 2K16 adds more customization to Universe Mode.
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Fans of the WWE 2K series have grown accustomed to playing Universe Mode, a mode where you can take control of every aspect of the WWE world. You decide who wrestles for each show, who the champions are, and what matches take place.

With this year’s newest installment, 2K has even added more customization to the mode. WWE 2K16 released a list of new features, and it looks to focus on wrestlers’ characteristics. Here is some information about the new personality system this year:

This new personality system gauges a variety of stats to influence Superstar traits and actions in Universe mode. Meters display opposing traits like loyal vs. treacherous, respectful vs. disrespectful, and discipline vs. aggression.

In addition to this, status effects have been added to give wrestlers temporary bonuses or penalties depending on what is happening with them in the Universe Mode. Aside from wrestler customization, 2K has overhauled the storylines that can be triggered, hopefully adding more varied gameplay in Universe Mode.

These new additions should help increase replay value in Universe Mode. WWE 2K16 will arrive in stores on October 27th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3. 

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